The X Factor (UK) (2004) The X Factor (UK) (2004)

TV Series 2004

Music | Reality-TV

British singing competition in which contestants sing cover songs to try and impress judges and voting viewers.


Season 5 (2008) Top ▲

5x03 Episode #5.3
5x04 Episode #5.4
5x05 Episode #5.5
5x06 Episode #5.6
5x07 Episode #5.7
5x08 Episode #5.8
5x09 Episode #5.9
5x10 Episode #5.10
5x11 Episode #5.11
5x12 Episode #5.12
5x13 Episode #5.13
5x15 Episode #5.15
5x16 Episode #5.16
5x17 Episode #5.17
5x18 Episode #5.18
5x19 Episode #5.19
5x20 Episode #5.20
5x21 Episode #5.21
5x22 Episode #5.22
5x23 Episode #5.23
5x24 Episode #5.24
5x25 Episode #5.25
5x26 Episode #5.26
5x27 Episode #5.27
5x28 Episode #5.28
5x29 Episode #5.29
5x30 Episode #5.30

Season 6 (2009) Top ▲

6x01 Episode #6.1
6x02 Episode #6.2
6x03 Episode #6.3
6x04 Episode #6.4
6x05 Episode #6.5
6x06 Episode #6.6
6x07 Episode #6.7
6x08 Episode #6.8
6x09 Episode #6.9
6x10 Episode #6.10
6x11 Episode #6.11
6x12 Episode #6.12
6x13 Episode #6.13
6x14 Episode #6.14
6x15 Episode #6.15
6x16 Episode #6.16
6x17 Episode #6.17
6x18 Episode #6.18
6x19 Episode #6.19
6x20 Episode #6.20
6x21 Episode #6.21
6x22 Episode #6.22
6x23 Episode #6.23
6x24 Episode #6.24
6x25 Episode #6.25
6x26 Episode #6.26
6x27 Episode #6.27
6x28 Episode #6.28
6x29 Episode #6.29
6x30 Episode #6.30

Season 7 (2010) Top ▲

7x01 Episode #7.1HD
7x02 Auditions 2HD
7x03 Auditions 3HD
7x04 Auditions 4HD
7x05 Auditions 5HD
7x06 Episode #7.6HD
7x07 Series 7 - Boot Camp 1HD
7x08 Series 7 - Boot Camp 2HD
7x09 Series 7 - Boot Camp 3HD
7x10 Series 7 - Boot Camp 4HD
7x11 Series 7 - Elimination - 1HD
7x12 Series 7 - Elimination - 1 (Result)
7x13 Series 7 - Elimination - 2HD
7x14 Series 7 - Elimination - 2 (Result)HD
7x15 Series 7 - Elimination - 3
7x16 Series 7 - Elimination - 3 (Result)HD
7x17 Series 7 - Elimination - 4
7x18 Series 7 - Elimination - 4 (Result)HD
7x19 Series 7 - Elimination - 5HD
7x20 Series 7 - Elimination - 5 (Result)HD
7x21 Series 7 - Elimination - 6HD
7x22 Series 7 - Elimination - 6 (Result)HD
7x23 Series 7 - Elimination - 7HD
7x24 Series 7 - Elimination - 7 (Result)
7x25 Series 7 - Elimination - 8HD
7x26 Series 7 - Elimination - 8 (Result)HD
7x27 Series 7 - Elimination - 9HD
7x28 Series 7 - Elimination - 9 (Result)
7x29 Episode #7.29HD
7x30 Episode #7.30HD

Season 8 (2011) Top ▲

8x01 Auditions 1HD
8x07 Auditions 7HD
8x09 Boot Camp 2 HD
8x11 Boot Camp 4 HD
8x13 Elimination - 1 (Result)HD
8x24 Elimination - 7HD
8x25 Elimination - 7 (Result)HD
8x26 Elimination - 8 HD
8x28 Elimination - 9HD
8x29 Elimination - 9 (Result)HD
8x30 FinalHD
8x31 Final (Result)HD

Season 9 (2012) Top ▲

9x01 Auditions 1HD
9x02 Auditions 2HD
9x03 Auditions 3HD
9x04 Auditions 4HD
9x05 Auditions 5HD
9x06 Auditions 6HD
9x07 Auditions 7HD
9x08 Bootcamp 1HD
9x09 Bootcamp 2HD
9x11 Judges Home Visit 2HD
9x12 Live Show 1HD
9x13 Live Results Show 1HD
9x14 Live Show 2HD
9x15 Live Results Show 2HD
9x16 Live Show 3HD
9x17 Live Results Show 3HD
9x18 Live Show 4HD
9x19 Live Results Show 4HD
9x20 Live Show 5HD
9x21 Live Results Show 5HD
9x22 Live Show 6HD
9x23 Live Results Show 6HD
9x24 Live Show 7HD
9x25 Live Results Show 7HD
9x26 Live Show 8HD
9x27 Live Results Show 8HD
9x28 Live Show 9HD
9x29 Live Results Show 9HD
9x30 FinalHD
9x31 Final (Result)HD

Season 10 (2013) Top ▲

10x01 Auditions 1HD
10x02 Auditions 2HD
10x03 Auditions 3HD
10x04 Auditions 4HD
10x05 Auditions 5HD
10x06 Auditions 6HD
10x07 Auditions 7HD
10x08 Auditions 8HD
10x09 Bootcamp 1HD
10x10 Bootcamp 2HD
10x11 Judges' Houses 1HD
10x12 Judges' Houses 2HD
10x13 Live Show 1HD
10x15 Live Show 2HD
10x16 Live Results Show 2HD
10x17 Live Show 3HD
10x18 Live Results Show 3HD
10x19 Live Show 4HD
10x20 Live Results Show 4HD
10x21 Live Show 5HD
10x22 Live Results Show 5HD
10x24 Live Results Show 6HD
10x25 Episode #10.25HD
10x26 Live Results Show 7HD
10x27 Episode #10.27HD
10x28 Live Results Show 8HD
10x29 Live Show 9HD
10x30 Live Results Show 9HD
10x31 Live FinalHD
10x32 Live Final ResultsHD

Season 11 (2014) Top ▲

11x01 Auditions 1HD
11x02 Auditions 2HD
11x03 Auditions 3HD
11x04 Auditions 4HD
11x05 Arena 1HD
11x07 Arena 3HD
11x08 Arena 4HD
11x09 Bootcamp 1HD
11x10 Bootcamp 2HD
11x11 Bootcamp 3HD
11x12 Judges' Houses 1HD
11x13 Judges' Houses 2HD
11x14 Judges' Houses 3HD
11x15 Live Show 1HD
11x16 Live Results Show 1HD
11x17 Live Show 2HD
11x18 Live Results Show 2HD
11x19 Live Show 3HD
11x20 Live Results Show 3HD
11x21 Live Show 4HD
11x22 Live Results Show 4HD
11x23 Live Show 5HD
11x24 Live Results Show 5HD
11x25 Live Show 6HD
11x26 Live Result Show 6HD
11x27 Live Show 7HD
11x28 Live Results Show 7HD
11x29 Live Show 8HD
11x30 Live Results Show 8HD
11x31 Live Show 9HD
11x32 Live Results Show 9HD
11x33 Live FinalHD
11x34 Live Final ResultsHD

Season 12 (2015) Top ▲

12x01 Auditions 1HD
12x02 Auditions 2HD
12x03 Arena Auditions 3HD
12x04 Arena Auditions 4HD
12x05 Arena Auditions 5HD
12x06 Arena Auditions 6HD
12x07 Arena Auditions 7HD
12x08 Bootcamp 1HD
12x09 Bootcamp 2HD
12x10 Bootcamp 3HD
12x11 Bootcamp 4HD
12x12 Six-Chair Challenge 3HD
12x14 Judges' Houses 2HD
12x25 Live Show 6HD
12x26 Live Results Show 6HD
12x27 Live FinalHD
12x28 Live Final ResultsHD

Season 13 (2016) Top ▲

13x01 Episode #13.1HD
13x02 Auditions 2HD
13x03 Auditions 3HD
13x04 Auditions 4HD
13x05 Auditions 5HD
13x06 Auditions 6HD
13x07 Auditions 7HD
13x08 Bootcamp 1HD
13x09 Six Chair Challenge 1HD
13x10 Six Chair Challenge 2HD
13x11 Judges' Houses 1HD
13x12 Judges' Houses 2HD
13x13 Live Show 1HD
13x14 Live Results Show 1HD
13x15 Live Show 2: Motown WeekHD
13x16 Live Results Show 2HD
13x17 Live Show 3HD
13x18 Live Results Show 3HD
13x19 Live Show 4: Fright Night WeekHD
13x20 Live Results Show 4HD
13x21 Live Show 5: Girlband vs. Boyband WeekHD
13x22 Live Results Show 5HD
13x23 Live Show 6: Disco WeekHD
13x24 Live Results Show 6HD
13x25 Live Show 7: Movies WeekHD
13x26 Live Results Show 7HD
13x27 Live Show 8: Louis Loves WeekHD
13x28 Live Results Show 8HD
13x29 Live Show 9: Christmas WeekHD
13x30 Live Results Show 9HD
13x31 Episode #13.31HD
13x32 Live Final ResultsHD

Season 14 (2017) Top ▲

14x05 Episode #14.5HD
14x12 Six-Chair Challenge 1HD
14x13 Six-Chair Challenge 2HD
14x23 Episode #14.23HD
14x24 Episode #14.24HD
14x26 Live Show 10HD
14x27 Live Final 1HD
14x28 Live Final 2HD

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