Seinfeld (1990) Seinfeld (1990)

TV series 1990-1998


The continuing misadventures of neurotic New York stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his equally neurotic New York friends.


Season 1 (1990) Top ▲

1x00 PilotHD
1x01 Good News, Bad News
1x01 The StakeoutHD
1x02 The RobberyHD
1x02 The Stakeout
1x03 Male UnbondingHD
1x03 The Robbery
1x04 Male Unbonding
1x04 The Stock TipHD
1x05 The Stock Tip

Season 2 (1991) Top ▲

2x01 The Ex-GirlfriendHD
2x02 The Pony RemarkHD
2x03 The JacketHD
2x04 The Phone MessageHD
2x05 The ApartmentHD
2x06 The StatueHD
2x07 The RevengeHD
2x08 The Heart AttackHD
2x09 The DealHD
2x10 The Baby ShowerHD
2x11 The Chinese RestaurantHD
2x12 The BusboyHD

Season 3 (1991) Top ▲

3x01 The NoteHD
3x02 The TruthHD
3x03 The PenHD
3x04 The DogHD
3x05 The LibraryHD
3x06 The Parking GarageHD
3x07 The CafeHD
3x08 The TapeHD
3x09 The Nose JobHD
3x10 The StrandedHD
3x11 The Alternate SideHD
3x12 The Red DotHD
3x13 The SubwayHD
3x14 The Pez DispenserHD
3x15 The SuicideHD
3x16 The Fix UpHD
3x17 The Boyfriend: Part 1HD
3x19 The LimoHD
3x20 The Good SamaritanHD
3x21 The LetterHD
3x22 The Parking SpaceHD
3x23 The KeysHD

Season 4 (1992) Top ▲

4x01 The Trip: Part 1HD
4x02 The Trip: Part 2HD
4x03 The Pitch / The TicketHD
4x05 The WalletHD
4x06 The WatchHD
4x07 The Bubble BoyHD
4x08 The Cheever LettersHD
4x09 The Opera
4x10 The Virgin
4x11 The Contest
4x12 The AirportHD
4x13 The PickHD
4x14 The MovieHD
4x15 The Visa
4x16 The ShoesHD
4x17 The OutingHD
4x18 The Old ManHD
4x19 The ImplantHD
4x20 The Junior Mint
4x21 The Junior MintHD
4x21 The Smelly Car
4x22 The Smelly CarHD
4x23 The PilotHD

Season 5 (1993) Top ▲

5x01 The MangoHD
5x02 The Puffy Shirt
5x03 The GlassesHD
5x04 The Sniffing AccountantHD
5x05 The BrisHD
5x06 The Lip ReaderHD
5x07 The Non-Fat YogurtHD
5x08 The BarberHD
5x09 The MasseuseHD
5x10 The Cigar Store IndianHD
5x11 The ConversionHD
5x12 The StallHD
5x13 The Dinner Party
5x14 The Marine BiologistHD
5x15 The PieHD
5x16 The Stand-In
5x17 The WifeHD
5x18 The RaincoatsHD
5x20 The HamptonsHD
5x21 The OppositeHD

Season 6 (1994) Top ▲

6x01 The ChaperoneHD
6x02 The Big SaladHD
6x03 The Pledge DriveHD
6x04 The Chinese WomanHD
6x05 The CouchHD
6x06 The GymnastHD
6x07 The SoupHD
6x08 The Mom and Pop StoreHD
6x09 The SecretaryHD
6x10 The RaceHD
6x11 The SwitchHD
6x12 The Label Maker
6x13 The ScofflawHD
6x14 Highlights of a HundredHD
6x16 The Kiss HelloHD
6x17 The DoormanHD
6x18 The JimmyHD
6x19 The DoodleHD
6x20 The Fusilli JerryHD
6x21 The Diplomat's ClubHD
6x22 The Face PainterHD
6x23 The UnderstudyHD

Season 7 (1995) Top ▲

7x01 The EngagementHD
7x02 The Postponement
7x03 The MaestroHD
7x04 The WinkHD
7x05 The Hot TubHD
7x06 The Soup Nazi
7x07 The Secret CodeHD
7x08 The Pool GuyHD
7x09 The Sponge
7x10 The GumHD
7x11 The RyeHD
7x12 The CaddyHD
7x13 The SevenHD
7x14 The CadillacHD
7x16 The Doll
7x17 The Friars ClubHD
7x18 The Wig Master
7x19 The CalzoneHD
7x20 The Bottle DepositHD
7x21 The Wait OutHD

Season 8 (1996) Top ▲

8x01 The FoundationHD
8x02 The Soul Mate
8x03 The Bizarro Jerry
8x04 The Little KicksHD
8x05 The PackageHD
8x06 The FatiguesHD
8x07 The Checks
8x08 The Chicken RoasterHD
8x09 The Abstinence
8x10 The Andrea DoriaHD
8x11 The Little JerryHD
8x12 The MoneyHD
8x13 The ComebackHD
8x14 The Van Buren Boys
8x15 The Susie
8x16 The Pothole
8x17 The English PatientHD
8x18 The NapHD
8x19 The Yada YadaHD
8x20 The MillenniumHD
8x21 The Muffin TopsHD
8x22 The Summer of George

Season 9 (1997) Top ▲

9x01 The Butter ShaveHD
9x02 The VoiceHD
9x03 The Serenity NowHD
9x04 The BloodHD
9x05 The Junk MailHD
9x06 The Merv Griffin ShowHD
9x07 The SlicerHD
9x08 The BetrayalHD
9x09 The ApologyHD
9x10 The Strike
9x11 The DealershipHD
9x12 The Reverse Peephole
9x13 The CartoonHD
9x14 The Strongbox
9x15 The WizardHD
9x16 The BurningHD
9x17 The BookstoreHD
9x18 The Frogger
9x19 The Maid
9x20 The Puerto Rican DayHD
9x21 The ChronicleHD

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