Deadwood (2004) Deadwood (2004)

TV series 2004-2006

Crime | Drama | History | Western

A show set in the late 1800's, revolving around the characters of Deadwood, South Dakota; a town of deep corruption and crime.


Season 1 (2004) Top ▲

1x01 DeadwoodHD
1x02 Deep WaterHD
1x03 Reconnoitering the RimHD
1x04 Here Was a ManHD
1x05 The Trial of Jack McCallHD
1x06 PlagueHD
1x07 Bullock Returns to the CampHD
1x08 Suffer the Little ChildrenHD
1x09 No Other Sons or DaughtersHD
1x10 Mister WuHD
1x11 Jewel's Boot Is Made for WalkingHD
1x12 Sold Under SinHD

Season 2 (2005) Top ▲

2x01 A Lie Agreed Upon: Part IHD
2x02 A Lie Agreed Upon: Part IIHD
2x03 New MoneyHD
2x04 Requiem for a GleetHD
2x05 ComplicationsHD
2x06 Something Very ExpensiveHD
2x07 E.B. Was Left OutHD
2x08 Childish ThingsHD
2x09 Amalgamation and CapitalHD
2x10 Advances, None MiraculousHD
2x11 The Whores Can ComeHD
2x12 Boy-the-Earth-Talks-ToHD

Season 3 (2006) Top ▲

3x01 Tell Your God to Ready for BloodHD
3x02 I Am Not the Fine Man You Take Me ForHD
3x03 True ColorsHD
3x04 Full Faith and CreditHD
3x05 A Two-Headed BeastHD
3x06 A Rich FindHD
3x07 Unauthorized CinnamonHD
3x08 Leviathan SmilesHD
3x09 Amateur NightHD
3x10 A Constant ThrobHD
3x11 The Catbird SeatHD
3x12 Tell Him Something PrettyHD

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