How I Met Your Mother (2005) How I Met Your Mother (2005)

TV Series 20052014

Comedy | Romance

A father recounts to his children, through a series of flashbacks, the journey he and his four best friends took leading up to him meeting their mother.


Season 1 (2005) Top ▲

1x01 PilotHD
1x02 Purple Giraffe
1x03 The Sweet Taste of Liberty
1x04 Return of the Shirt
1x05 Okay Awesome
1x06 The Slutty Pumpkin
1x07 Matchmaker
1x08 The Duel
1x09 Belly Full of Turkey
1x10 The Pineapple Incident
1x11 The Limo
1x12 The Wedding
1x13 Drumroll, Please
1x14 Zip, Zip, Zip
1x15 Game Night
1x16 Cupcake
1x17 Life Among the Gorillas
1x18 Nothing Good Happens After 2 AM
1x19 Mary the Paralegal
1x20 Best Prom Ever
1x21 Milk
1x22 Come On

Season 2 (2006) Top ▲

2x01 Where Were We?
2x02 The Scorpion and the Toad
2x03 Brunch
2x04 Ted Mosby, Architect
2x05 World's Greatest Couple
2x06 Aldrin Justice
2x07 Swarley
2x08 Atlantic City
2x09 Slap Bet
2x10 Single Stamina
2x11 How Lily Stole Christmas
2x12 First Time in New York
2x13 Columns
2x14 Monday Night Football
2x15 Lucky Penny
2x16 Stuff
2x17 Arrivederci, Fiero
2x18 Moving Day
2x19 Bachelor Party
2x20 Showdown
2x21 Something Borrowed
2x22 Something Blue

Season 3 (2007) Top ▲

3x01 Wait for It
3x02 We're Not from Here
3x03 Third Wheel
3x04 Little Boys
3x05 How I Met Everyone Else
3x06 I'm Not That Guy
3x07 Dowisetrepla
3x08 Spoiler Alert
3x09 Slapsgiving
3x10 The Yips
3x11 The Platinum Rule
3x12 No Tomorrow
3x13 Ten Sessions
3x14 The Bracket
3x15 The Chain of Screaming
3x16 Sandcastles in the Sand
3x17 The Goat
3x18 Rebound Bro
3x19 Everything Must Go
3x20 Miracles

Season 4 (2008) Top ▲

4x01 Do I Know You?HD
4x02 The Best Burger in New YorkHD
4x03 I Heart NJHD
4x04 InterventionHD
4x05 Shelter IslandHD
4x06 Happily Ever AfterHD
4x07 Not a Father's DayHD
4x08 Woooo!HD
4x09 The Naked ManHD
4x10 The FightHD
4x11 Little MinnesotaHD
4x12 BenefitsHD
4x13 Three Days of SnowHD
4x14 The PossimpibleHD
4x15 The StinsonsHD
4x16 Sorry, BroHD
4x17 The Front PorchHD
4x18 Old King ClancyHD
4x19 MurtaughHD
4x20 Mosbius DesignsHD
4x21 The Three Days RuleHD
4x22 Right Place Right TimeHD
4x23 As Fast as She CanHD
4x24 The LeapHD

Season 5 (2009) Top ▲

5x01 DefinitionsHD
5x02 Double DateHD
5x03 Robin 101HD
5x04 The Sexless InnkeeperHD
5x05 Duel CitizenshipHD
5x06 BagpipesHD
5x07 The Rough PatchHD
5x08 The PlaybookHD
5x09 Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the SlapHD
5x10 The WindowHD
5x11 Last Cigarette EverHD
5x12 Girls Vs. SuitsHD
5x13 JenkinsHD
5x14 Perfect WeekHD
5x15 Rabbit or DuckHD
5x16 HookedHD
5x17 Of CourseHD
5x18 Say CheeseHD
5x19 Zoo or FalseHD
5x20 Home WreckersHD
5x21 Twin BedsHD
5x22 Robots Vs. WrestlersHD
5x23 The Wedding BrideHD
5x24 DoppelgangersHD

Season 6 (2010) Top ▲

6x01 Big DaysHD
6x02 Cleaning HouseHD
6x03 UnfinishedHD
6x04 Subway WarsHD
6x05 Architect of DestructionHD
6x06 Baby TalkHD
6x07 Canning RandyHD
6x08 Natural HistoryHD
6x09 GlitterHD
6x10 BlitzgivingHD
6x11 The Mermaid TheoryHD
6x12 False PositiveHD
6x13 Bad News
6x14 Last WordsHD
6x15 Oh HoneyHD
6x16 Desperation DayHD
6x17 Garbage IslandHD
6x18 A Change of Heart
6x19 LegendaddyHD
6x20 The Exploding Meatball Sub
6x21 HopelessHD
6x22 The Perfect CocktailHD
6x23 LandmarksHD
6x24 Challenge AcceptedHD

Season 7 (2011) Top ▲

7x01 The Best ManHD
7x02 The Naked TruthHD
7x03 Ducky TieHD
7x04 The Stinson Missile CrisisHD
7x05 Field TripHD
7x06 Mystery vs. HistoryHD
7x07 NorettaHD
7x08 The Slutty Pumpkin ReturnsHD
7x09 Disaster AvertedHD
7x10 Tick Tick TickHD
7x11 The Rebound GirlHD
7x12 Symphony of IlluminationHD
7x13 TailgatingHD
7x14 46 MinutesHD
7x15 The Burning BeekeeperHD
7x16 The Drunk TrainHD
7x17 No PressureHD
7x18 KarmaHD
7x19 The BroathHD
7x20 Trilogy TimeHD
7x21 Now We're EvenHD
7x22 Good CrazyHD
7x23 The Magician's Code: Part 1 and 2HD

Season 8 (2012) Top ▲

8x01 FarhamptonHD
8x02 The Pre-NupHD
8x03 NanniesHD
8x04 Who Wants to Be a GodparentHD
8x05 The Autumn of BreakupsHD
8x06 SplitsvilleHD
8x07 The Stamp TrampHD
8x08 Twelve Horny WomenHD
8x09 Lobster CrawlHD
8x10 The Over-CorrectionHD
8x11 & 8x12 The Final Page: Part One/TwoHD
8x13 Band or DJ?
8x14 Ring Up!HD
8x15 P.S. I Love YouHD
8x16 Bad CrazyHD
8x17 The AshtrayHD
8x18 Weekend at Barney'sHD
8x19 The FortressHD
8x20 The Time TravelersHD
8x21 Romeward BoundHD
8x22 The Bro MitzvahHD
8x23 Something OldHD
8x24 Something NewHD

Season 9 (2013) Top ▲

9x01 & 9x02 The Locket/Coming BackHD
9x01 The LocketHD
9x02 Coming Back
9x03 Last Time in New YorkHD
9x04 The Broken CodeHD
9x05 The Poker GameHD
9x06 Knight VisionHD
9x07 No Questions AskedHD
9x08 The LighthouseHD
9x09 PlatonishHD
9x10 Mom and DadHD
9x11 Bedtime StoriesHD
9x12 The Rehearsal DinnerHD
9x13 Bass Player WantedHD
9x14 Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in SlapmarraHD
9x15 UnpauseHD
9x16 How Your Mother Met MeHD
9x17 SunriseHD
9x18 Rally
9x19 VesuviusHD
9x20 DaisyHD
9x21 Gary BlaumanHD
9x22 The End of the AisleHD
9x23 Last Forever: Part OneHD
9x24 Last Forever: Part Two

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