Arrested Development (2003) Arrested Development (2003)

TV Series 2003–


Level-headed son Michael Bluth takes over family affairs after his father is imprisoned. But the rest of his spoiled, dysfunctional family are making his job unbearable.


Season 1 (2003) Top ▲

1x01 PilotHD
1x02 Top BananaHD
1x03 Bringing Up BusterHD
1x04 Key DecisionsHD
1x05 Charity DriveHD
1x06 Visiting OursHD
1x07 In God We TrustHD
1x08 My Mother the CarHD
1x09 Storming the CastleHD
1x10 Pier PressureHD
1x11 Public RelationsHD
1x12 Marta ComplexHD
1x13 Beef ConsommeHD
1x14 Shock and AwwHD
1x15 Staff InfectionHD
1x16 Altar EgosHD
1x17 Justice Is BlindHD
1x18 Missing KittyHD
1x19 Best Man for the GobHD
1x20 Whistler's MotherHD
1x21 Not Without My DaughterHD
1x22 Let 'Em Eat CakeHD

Season 2 (2004) Top ▲

2x01 The One Where Michael LeavesHD
2x02 The One Where They Build a HouseHD
2x03 AmigosHD
2x04 Good Grief!HD
2x05 Sad SackHD
2x06 Afternoon DelightHD
2x07 Switch HitterHD
2x08 Queen for a DayHD
2x09 Burning LoveHD
2x10 Ready, Aim, Marry MeHD
2x11 Out on a LimbHD
2x12 Hand to GodHD
2x13 Motherboy XXXHD
2x14 The Immaculate ElectionHD
2x15 Sword of DestinyHD
2x16 Meat the VealsHD
2x17 Spring BreakoutHD
2x18 Righteous BrothersHD

Season 3 (2005) Top ▲

3x01 The Cabin ShowHD
3x02 For British Eyes OnlyHD
3x03 Forget Me NowHD
3x04 NotapusyHD
3x05 Mr. FHD
3x06 The Ocean WalkerHD
3x07 Prison Break-InHD
3x08 Making a StandHD
3x09 S.O.B.sHD
3x10 Fakin' ItHD
3x11 Family TiesHD
3x12 Exit StrategyHD
3x13 Development ArrestedHD

Season 4 (2013) Top ▲

4x01 Michael 1HD
4x02 Borderline PersonalitiesHD
4x03 Indian TakersHD
4x04 The B. TeamHD
4x05 A New StartHD
4x06 Double CrossersHD
4x07 Colony CollapseHD
4x08 Red HairingHD
4x09 SmashedHD
4x10 Queen B.HD
4x11 A New AttitudeHD
4x12 SeñoritisHD
4x13 It Gets BetterHD
4x14 Off the HookHD
4x15 Episode #4.15HD

Season 5 (2018) Top ▲

5x01 Family LeaveHD
5x02 Self-DeportationHD
5x03 Episode #5.3HD
5x04 Episode #5.4HD
5x05 Sinking FeelingsHD
5x06 Episode #5.6HD
5x07 Rom-TraumHD
5x08 Episode #5.8HD

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